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Quality is not only in our name, but foremost in our minds in all that we do!
Property Management Services
Seasonal Services

Here are some examples of property management services that we provide. If there is something else that you need, let us know!

Enjoy your home without worrying about it.  Let us be busy for you!

Autumn FALL: Removal of all deck & patio furniture, store away. Removal of all screens from doors and windows, store away. Clean out gutters and down spouts. Blow out irrigation system. Yard clean up services: Lawns & Shrub/Flower beds. Winterize Pool, Outside Shower, & Outside water faucets. Heating System Serviced. House Check Services.
WINTER:  Snow removal and House Check Services
SPRING: Pressure Wash Decks and Patios.

Wash, Clean & Set up all Deck & Patio furniture.

Wash, & Clean Windows and Screens, re-install Screens.

Yard Clean up, Lawns & Shrub/Flower beds.

Start up Pool, Turn on outside Shower & Water Faucets.

Install Fertilizer on Lawns & Shrub/Flower beds.

Turn On Irrigation, adjust heads.

Yard Maintenance: Mow Lawns, Weed Shrub/Flower beds, trim shrubs.

Air Conditioning Serviced, Charge Figurant, change filters.

Check Grill, make sure all is working.

House Check.

SUMMER: Yard Maintenance: Mow Lawns, Weed Shrub/Flower beds, fertilize.

Pool Maintenance.


Check the house when the Alarm Company calls.

Low Temperature Alarm, Water Sensors, Motion sensor, etc.


Walk through the house and check for the following things:

All windows and doors are shut & locked.

Heating or Air condition systems are working properly.

Listen for possible water running.

All lights are working and all lights/fans are off.


Dust all furniture.

Vacuum all rooms.

Wash all floors.

Clean all bathrooms.

Kitchen cleaning.

Wash windows.

Spring cleaning.


Mow all lawns.

Trim grass at all edges.

Weed all Shrub/Flower beds.

Trim Shrubs/Trees.

Install Fertilizer’s

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